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Transformer is an electrical device which, by the principles of electromagne induction, transfers electrical energy from one electric circuit to another, without changing the frequency. The energy transfer usually takes place with a change in voltage and current. Transformer either increases or decreases AC voltage. Om Electrical Power Solutions is supplying wide range of oil cooled distribution and medium power transformers and is offering a complete electrical solution to customers. we are focused to cater the requirements of private & industrial customers and offers best & optimal solution to the situation. Due consideration is given to understand the requirement, and thereafter our marketing team offer appropriate solution to the situation.

Standard Distribution Transformer Specifications:

Our Distribution Transformers are available in extensive range and different models. The standard models are as per following specifications:

Installation : Indoor or Outdoor as per customer requirement.
No of Phase :3 Phase.
Frequency :50 Hz
Voltage Ratio :11/0.415 kV, 22/0.415 kV, 33/0.415 kV
Insulation Class :Class 'A' / Class 'B'
Vector Group :Dyn11 or as desired by customer
Winding Material :Copper
Tappings (Off Load Type) :Generally +5% to -10% in steps of 2.5% on HT winding. However, it can be offered as per customer requirement.
Termination :As per customer requirement.
Cooling :ONAN ( Oil Natural Air Natural).
Cooling arrangement :Corrugated tank or with Pressed steel Radiators as per customer requirement.
Colour :As a standard, we offer paint shade as Seimens Grey (RAL 7032), however colour paint shade can be changed as per requirement of customer.

Key Features of Our Standard Products:

  • Transformers are manufactured in accordance to IS : 1180 : 2014 / IS : 2026 for temperature rise, dielectric test & insulation levels. Transformers for exports /overseas requirements are designed & manufactured in accordance to IEC 60076.
  • The overload withstand capacity of transformer is as per IEC 354.
  • Tolerance applicable for no Load losses, Load losses, Total Losses, Impedance voltage & Voltage ration are in accordance to IS 1180.
  • Tapping ration for standard transformers is +5% to –10% for high voltage winding variation.
  • Distribution transformers are with oil natural air natural cooling and generally with Copper conductor for both primary & secondary winding.
  • The transformers are supplied both with pressed steel radiators and with corrugated tanks.
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