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Automatic Voltage Controller

The industrial units generally face the problem of low & high voltage variations resulting in equipments failure & power losses. Therefore, Automatic Voltage Controller is a must for the industrial units having an acute faliure rate of electrical equipments such as bulbs, tube, chokes, starter, contactor coils & motors (90% of load is generally of motors particularly smaller capacity motors upto 7.5HP). Electric motors draw considerably high current at high voltage, which increases power consumption, increases MDI and reduces power factor.

The table above gives approximate quantitative advantages of Automatic Voltage Controller at various voltage fluctuation levels:

Need of a Stabilizer

If you find that If the input voltage is above 230 volts single phase/400 volts three phase even for a few hours a day then you definitely require a stabilizer.
After Getting 230 volt single phase and 400 volt 3 phase output through automatic voltage controller there will be definite saving in Power bill & reduction in failure rate of electrical equipments.

Advantages of Installing Automatic Voltage Controller :

  • Up to 80% Reduction in Breakdown of Electrical Equipments.
  • Up to 30% Savings in Electricity Costs.
  • Enhanced Productivity of Plant.
  • Reduction in MDI.
  • Improvement in Power Factor.
  • Uniform quality of End product.
  • Depreciation 40% from Income Tax (for energy saving devices).
  • Technical Details:

    Our Servo Voltage Stabilizers are available in extensive range and different models. These three phase models are suitable for both balanced & unbalanced supply / loads. The standard models are as per following specifications:

    Rating : 30 Kva to 3500 Kva
    Technology :Linear +/- Vertical Rolling Contact Type on -load voltage regulator with stepless regulations.
    Input Voltage :350 - 450, 340 - 460, 330 - 470, 320 - 480, 300 - 500
    Efficiency :99.5%, 99%, 98.7%, 98.5%, 98%
    Output Voltage :400 Volt +/- 1%, 3-Phase, 50 Hz
    No. of Phases :3- Phase
    Frequency :50 Hz
    Type of cooling :Natural oil cooled
    Application :Indoor / Outdoor as per site requirement.
    Type :Balance / Unbalance
    Duty Cycle :100% Continuos
    Mounting :On Unidirectional wheels.
    Correction Rate :6 - 15 v/sec (upto 500 Kv) 3 -4 v/sec (Above 500 Kva)
    Response Time :Less than 10 milliseconds.
    Wave Form Distortion :Virtually Nill
    Temp. Rise :Max 35° Rise above ambient temp. at full load.

    Our Automatic Voltage Regulator/Controller & its Technology :

    Our Servo Controlled AVC primarily consists of the following

  • Linear, plus/Minus type Vertical Rolling Contact Voltage Regulator
  • In our Regulator we are using heavy section of electrolytic rectangular copper strip instead of copper wire to minimize the losses & increase the efficiency of equipment. We are also using self lubricating Carbon Roller assemblies instead of ordinary brushes which offers more reliability and trouble free performance of the equipment.

  • DoubleWound Buck/Boost type Series Transformer
  • In Our Buck/ Boost transformer we are using CRGO lamination to minimize iron losses and coils of Buck/Boost Transformer are wound with heavy section of multi strips electrolytic copper to minimize copper losses for getting better efficiency of the equipment.

  • Electronic Control Circuit & Meter Panel
  • Om’s Automatic Voltage Regulator / Controller consists of very simple electronic control circuit for monitoring and controlling voltage, repair & maintenance of which is very easy.


    Om’s Stabilizers find wide application across all kinds of Machines or Industries/commercial/ residential complexes & are more suitable for 24 hours working plant to avoid breakdown caused by voltage fluctuation.

    Paper Mills, Rubber Industries, Food Processing Units, Textile Mills, Clubs, Call Center, Tube Mills, High Rise Buildings, Cold Storage, Cement Plants, Engineering Units, Nursing Home, Hotels, Oil & Vanaspati Plants, Enquiry Now..